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    Extra Packages

    2 november 2017


    So now you are settled-in your new house in Rotterdam, one of the R.Relocation members had the check-in with you. But what happens next if you choose for an extra package.

    For instance, let’s say you choose the following services;

    • City hall registration
    • Opening Dutch bank account
    • Mobile phone subscription

    City hall registration

    City hall registration can be done after the check-in, the reason for this is that you need your signed lease and the lease needs to be started. When R.Relocation assist you with the city hall registration, we will make an appointment at the city hall for you. Ideally we do it after the check-in but unfortunately  we cannot always make an appoint at the time we prefer.  Together with the us you go the city hall. We make sure you know what to bring so all goes right in one time. During the appointment R.Relocation can translate things for you so you now all will be filled-in directly correct. After the city hall registration you receive your BSN number also known as social Security Number. When you have the BSN number of Social Security Number the registration is completed.

    Opening Dutch bank account

    When you started living in The Netherlands for longer than 6 months its useful to open a Dutch bank account. Payments are done more easily and automatic payments can be set. For example with your utility providers. When you choose to let us arrange the opening of your Dutch bank account will make an appointment for you with a bank who knows how to deal with internationals/expats. R.Relocation makes sure you know which documents to bring to the appointment. On the day of the appointment will pick you up at of make sure you know where to meet us.

    Mobile phone subscription

    While living in The Netherlands a Dutch phone number is a use full thing. It could be that you are an expat and that your company provides you a phone but mostly they don’t have one for your spouse. It could also by that you are here is a student, and also than having a Dutch phone number is easy. When you have a bank account you can get a mobile phone subscription. Most providers make it possible to get the subscription via their website. Because most of the telecom companies have all the important things in Dutch some assistance could be a smart idea. You just let us know what you want and what cost you have in mind and we see what options there are. Together will fill in all the details the telecom companies need to have and a few days later all is set. If you need it directly will go to one of the stores and help you arrange all at the location of the store.

    From this point on the important things are arranged, you have a home, you’re officially a citizen of Rotterdam, you have a bank account and you can now call everyone with your Dutch mobile number.