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    Rotterdam relocation service
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    R Relocation Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is among the most innovative and forward thinking cities in Europe. Once you are part of this vibrant city you will enjoy the diversity in facilities, locations and people such as:

    • The massive Rotterdam harbor which serves as the sea entrance to Europe.
    • The international companies that coordinate their business ventures in and around the city.
    • All the classic architecture and cultural heritage the city has to offer.
    • The lively locale where you will encounter a great diversity of people.
    • The great infrastructure that allows you to travel to, from and in the city with great ease.
    • And of course the various educational facilities like the Erasmus University which attracts both expats as international students.

    See how it works

    Welcome to the wonderful city of Rotterdam

    Everyday RRelocation finds the perfect homes for Dutch residents, expats & (international) students, ensuring a warm welcome and a pleasant stay in the city. We will make sure you feel right at home in our wonderful city!

    Why choose RRelocation?

    • We will assign you a personal relocation agent for a personal communication and service.
    • We offer over 12 years of experience and connections with local brokers, municipalities, banks, insurance companies and utilities for living in Rotterdam.
    • It is our mission to take care of all your challenges concerning relocation to our wonderful city.
    • Apart from suitable housing we can take of administrative tasks like opening a bank account, applying for a citizen registration etc.
    • We will make sure you can find your way around the city with public transportation, car and of course with a bicycle!
    • You will save time, costs and frustrations if you choose our services.

    What is RRelocation?

    We are the premier personal relocation services provider in municipality Rotterdam, we specialize in the accompaniment of expatriates and international students who travel to Rotterdam.
    RRelocation offers househunt services for both international visitors and Dutch citizens who want to move to Rotterdam.

    About us

    R Relocation

    Real Testimonials.

    Hello Print has been working for a long time with the team off RRelocation on housing for new Hello Printers in Rotterdam. The rapid and adequate attitude, always proactive, which makes it run smoothly. We can recommend anyone to work with the RRelocation team!

    1 / 3

    RRelocation was very useful for finding an apartment that suited our preferences.
    RRelocation was a good agency because they were very kind and easily reachable.

    Flor en Clara
    Flor en Clara
    2 / 3

    As a student it is very difficult to find a cozy and affordable home in the city itself. Fortunately, with the help of RRelocation, two girlfriends and I had exactly found what we were looking for within a few weeks, without the need to do much for ourselves. The collaboration with RRelocation was fast and very easy. We are also very pleased with our choice for RRelocation and the very helpful and friendly staff.

    3 / 3

    Some of our clients